Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kuwait FTW!

Well, we have finally done it...we are going to be leaving the US and heading overseas to Kuwait to work for a contractor to the military (ITT Systems). Well, I will be working for them at any wife and son (Kerri and Rowan) will be coming over in about 3 months time. This blog is mainly a central point we can refer friends and family to for news and pictures, but also we hope that it will serve as a reference for anyone else who might go through a similar experience. We find ourselves scouring the net for other people's experiences and so we hope to add ours to the general pool.

In my next post I hope to add some details of the application process, as it was pretty unique.



deannie said...

What does FTW mean?

JC said...

Heh...wondered when someone would ask that. It's a reference from the online gaming world, and stands for (as I understand it) "for the win" which is a way of saying something "cool". It has a more specific reference to the victorious nature of the subject. It always follows the subject and is probably an adjective. It is frequently used sarcastically. Note, I do not intend to use the biker slang meaning (doesn't take much imagination to figure out what that would be).

Dustin said...

Well... What is the Biker Slang meaning??? Bikers FTL!!! H8R!

Oh, and what is your email address now Jess?