Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fort Benning Again

Already things are different. We had the same ITT gathering at 1100 and were told to grab lunch and then do the computer based training, which I'd already done. So I went over there to get my initials transferred over to Charlie company and went back to my room to wait the day out.

At one point one of my room mates mentioned that he'd heard the video training was going to happen at 1630. I had been told tomorrow sometime. Just in case I went down and arrived in time to see the formation board said formation was at 1620 and hear someone yell for all the contractors to form up, 4 deep. We were marched up the hill to the big tent again, where me and another ITT guy asked if we were supposed to be there. We were told no, go back and wait for the next formation(!). We got back, confused, had dinner.

Then we found out that there was a formation for everyone else at 1545. We tried to spread the word, but not sure if we got everyone by the time it happened. The board now said 1545, but when I left earlier it said 1620...I was so confused. Anyway, it appeared to be the correct place to be, and in a repeat of last time, we formed up, 4 deep and marched back up the hill. (I'm not being figurative about the "march" bit).

We were then subjected to an hour and 45 minute video on how to deal with hostage situations. Fun.

Then we marched back at 1730 and were released. Next formation is 0700 tomorrow.

At one point I heard one soldier say that there were soooo many contractors this time...he bet half of us were not going. Not very encouraging.

My right foot's tendon is on fire tonight...after yesterday's monster walk, todays have just excacerbated it.

Tomorrow by 1200 I will hopefully know for sure if I'm staying for the full week. Whee...

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