Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Kuwait at last!

It is 0145 in the morning here in Kuwait and I'm planning on staying up through tomorrow night if possible. Tomorrow ( is Sunday and they don't have anything for us to do.

Turns out after arriving in Kuwait and being bussed to a camp, CRC isn't exactly over yet. We *all* get to go through several days of processing here now. After a gruelling half hour or so daisy-chaining all the bags off of the truck, our ITT point of contact (POC) gathered us together and had us fill out more paperwork and he gave us our schedule. Then we had to find our bags, get assigned a tent (yes, tent) and take our bags to our tent. We've all had a pretty good workout tonight.

So it was time for food. They have McDonald's, Pizza Hut, an espresso store, all sorts of stuff here. But you have to pay for it. The chow hall (DFAC) is free however with our orders, so I made for there as there was a special midnight opening. Really good food actually, better than at Ft. Benning.

So Kuwait. Haven't seen any of it in the daylight yet, and all I've seen so far has been this camp/base. The "sand" that is everywhere is more of a really fine dust. It poofs up everywhere, and movement kicks it into the air. It permeates everthing. I am going to be taking a shower after this post for sure. Really hoping my job has me in airconditioning most of the time.

Temperature here is a cool 70-80. Apparently we just missed the really nasty weather by two weeks, things are now getting down to 100 during the day (was getting up to 110-120). Whee!

BTW, I will not be at this base, but at a different on (Arifjan) eventually. But probably not til Wednesday at the soonest. In the meantime, internet is spotty as I have to sign in for 30 min increments like at CRC.

Nothing is paved here, all gravel and dusty sand, so getting around is kind of a chore. I will definitely be buying more appropriate footwear as soon as I find a place to do so. It will have to be good and waterproof too as I can only imagine what happens to this stuff when it rains.

Well, that's it for now...more info as I get it.

Sooooooooooo glad to be here finally!

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you are safe. DOES it rain there? Perhaps not?

If you're reading your email you will know that I have to leave Korea on Wednesday. I hope to ship off to another country that will accept my Philippine M. Div. as qualifiacation for teaching ESL/EFL. Gpa Chuck has Progressive Dementia, so maybe I'm meant to help Gma Sandy from here on out.

So glad Rowan is old enough to remember his family since he may feel he won't ever be with us again!

Love n hugs n kisses for his trip from G-thang Shelley!