Friday, October 12, 2007

More of the same

Fourth day in Columbus, and not much interesting to report. Stayed in my room this morning til 11 then went into town for lunch. Nothing interesting really. I did stop back by the Cannon Brewpub to try a proper pint of their IPA, which was sadly not good at all. When the hoppiness is the trailing flavor accompanied by bitter and sour notes, it's a bad IPA. The hops should hit first thing, even when smelling it, like flowers, then trail off to the finish which should be anything other than sour and bitter. Ah well...

Back at the hotel by 1pm to sign my timecard. Turns out we get paid *next* Thursday, not tomorrow as I thought. Oh well, we'll make it. Also found out that we are definitely in for next week's CRC, and our names are at the top of the contractor list, so it's virtually guaranteed we will be going next week. We are to be picked up from the hotel on Saturday at 9:30am, so that leaves one more day and night to while away.

I headed back into town around 4pm, had a couple of pre-dinner beers (Shiner Bock = not so good, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale = ok) while I read my book, then headed over to Marios for dinner again. This time it was a baked ziti, which I should have known I wouldn't like as it is a tomato sauce base, but I got talked into it. Not bad for a ziti I'm sure, but not my thing. Tomorrow night Sylvia promises there will be lamb, so I guess that decides dinner!

One thing I've forgotten to mention is Sweetwater Brewing Company. They are out of Atlanta and the beer I tried to buy on Sunday was an IPA of theirs. Well at this greek place they had 2 of their brews: Blue and 420. Blue is a light ale with blueberry flavours. Too sweet for my taste, but very distinctive. The 420 is an extra pale ale that uses northwest hops, and it is actually very pleasant, the hops are subtle but you can taste them. I did enjoy it quite a bit and is the best beer I've had here so far. Makes me want to go buy that IPA to see how good it is...

That's pretty much it and I don't expect tomorrow to be much different.

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