Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Last Day

Since Jesse will be away from computers for a few days, I thought I'd give an update on what's happening on the home front. Today was my last day at work. It was a nice day with many people stopping by to wish us well. Rowan kept telling everyone that we were "never coming back here ever again". No one really knew what to say to that. I will now be able to give my full attention to getting rid of the remaining things still in the apartment and getting totally out of it. I have until Oct. 31 to be out, so I will have plenty of time.

Rowan and I will be going to Newberg to stay with family until after Christmas when we will join Jesse in Kuwait. We are very excited about the next phase of this plan getting under way. We are both ready to have some other people in our household again. I really feel like we made the right decision to wait until Jesse gets established before joining him. This will be a great time with family.


deannie said...

I think you are both brave and wise. It can be challenging to be separated from your spouse for an extended period but when opportunities to spend more time with family present themselves, I am convinced that it is always the right decision to take advantage of those moments. Wishing you a speedy departure from your apartment!

JC said...

I was talking to a guy who has been here for several years, heading home for an emergency. He said his wife came over for a 2 week visit and left after 3 days. Apparently someone was very rude to her...

But you get such different reactions from people. If I never saw anything of Kuwait except the camp I'm in right now, I wouldn't ever want to return.