Friday, November 9, 2007

Noora Complex

This set of pictures is mainly for Kerri. I met an Egyptian named Muda who does some real estate on the side (he's a lawyer). Anyway, I answered an ad on the internet for an apartment and that's how we met. He recommended a place here in Fahaheel, actually he lives there himself. Said there was an unfurnished 2 bedroom flat for 250KD. Lots of "westerners" lived there he said, including families. I asked to meet him today on a day I have off so he could show it to me. Pictures are above.

Anyway, it's small, but still 2 bedrooms and nice place. And 250KD is much better than the 450KD my current place goes for. I can't get in yet as I don't have a car, so he said he'll let me know if any other flats open up over there. He also said he'd help me buy a car, or get anything else we need (as unfurnished really means unfurnished). So that's cool. He said his "finders fee" for the apartment is usually about 25% of one month's rent (62.5 KD or $222). Not too bad really.

I'll be switching to night shift in about a week as I volunteered to try it out before the family gets here. That should be interesting...

Otherwise nothing much to report...I'm going on Monday for an eye exam for my Kuwaiti driver's license. Hopefully that means my civil ID is progressing well too. I'm thinking I might switch emphasis to looking for a car as that is something of a pre-requisite to getting an apartment.


Rebecca said...

Your wife found our blog and my husband I were browsing through yours. If you have questions on things maybe we can help out. He has been here in Kuwait 3+ years and the whole family for 1.5 and counting. We home school as well. My husband is with ITT. Our blog is and you can leave your email when you submit a comment I believe. I will contact you that way if you are interested. R

Kerri said...

Hi Rebecca. Thanks a lot for the response. I'm sure Jesse would love to contact you guys. He is in the throws of looking for housing right now so I'm sure he could use any advice you have to give.