Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Return of the slideshow

Above you will find some pictures...the first two are some sunrise pictures I got this morning. For some reason I woke up about the same time as I do normally (3am) so had plenty of time to go out for breakfast (4am), watch the sunrise (5-6am) and talk to Kerri for a good long time (6-8am). Also managed to get all my laundry done by then. What else *is* there to do on a day off?

Well I watched some Robot Chicken, but finally was able to head off to keep my 10am appointment: pick up my new car! I'll have pictures of that later (after I've had it washed). I wandered around for a few hours before I got the car and registration. Unfortunately, the registration appears to be good only until the 8th of January, so I guess I'll be needing to fix that pretty soon. Oh well. And the car needs washed, and cleaned (what happened to it since I last saw it?!) and the oil needs changed. Well all that could wait til tomorrow, since I finally have the car and was able to move the last of my things over to the new apartment (the rest of the pictures above).

Forgot to mention I've been sick (cold) and am on the 4th day of it. Felt pretty icky after I hauled everything up (including an older TV I'm borrowing from someone). I managed to divest my cot of the many things I had foolishly piled on it and collapse for an hour-long sleepless nap. Felt better though. Another odd thing happened today. By the time I got back to the old apartment to move stuff out, the bottoms of both of my feet both felt sore like I'd done them some damage and bruised them. I was quite annoyed as I had no time for this and had to move stuff. By the time I collapsed into my cot my feet were positively on fire. The source of the discomfort appears to be right in the middle, not the arches, but further towards the toes. As I palpated the areas I noticed to my surprise that they have both swollen almost as if filling with fluid. Very bizarre. I've felt something similar in one or the other foot before, but usually associated it with pulling a tendon or someothing. This is unique. I only hope it goes away cuz I have no idea what to do about it. I'm able to hobble about at least, and good thing my job involves sitting on my arse all day. Not having a chair to sit on at home is a bit of a discomfort, but I'll keep my eyes out for something.

I've been slowly putting stuff in its temporary spots. Figured I'd better make a post and get those pictures up post haste lest Kerri refuse to speak to me til she gets here!


Miriam said...

The apartment looks great! What an amazing view!

brianf said...

More Pictures...fewer words! :)

Andy said...

Wow, that's a really sweet view from your apartment. And though I know it goes without saying, please ignore the Ferg... some of us like the updates :)

deannie said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about your feet (you don't think it is gout or anything do you?).

The pictures are great! Looks like a really comfortable place and a beautiful view! Wonder what adventures Rowan will have there?