Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Family Member

Meet Milo! We actually got a pet that doesn't have gills. I know in the past we have said that we would never do such a thing, but the time was right and Rowan really wanted a pet. He has always wanted a cat and Jesse likes cats so was easily won over. We got him from a shelter (Kuwiat Animal Friends) at which some people who live in our complex volunteer at. It's a nice place and they take very good care of the animals.

Milo is a little boy kitten of about three months. He is very easy going and doesn't seem bothered by anything. Rowan can sling him over his shoulder and he doesn't even bring out the claws. Not to say he's lethargic! He can tear around the house like crazy. He really loves us to play with him. Actually he really loves being with people in general and is not one of these aloof cats, which is what we wanted.

He has never had an "accident" for which we are very grateful. We are now going to try to toilet train him. I'll let you all know how that goes.


Miriam said...

How fun! I'd love to hear how the toilet training goes. You're talking actually on the toilet, right?

mayen said...

Aaaaaa! A kitten!!! Ahlavit! Love the name too. I wanna play with Milo when we visit you there! Missing you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hello again JC and Kerri,

I have a question on 401K you might be able to help me with.

Since the first $87k of overseas pay is tax free, is there any advantage to having up to 25% of pre-tax pay put into a 401K?

Any opinion on that?

I am still on schedule to arrive next week in Kuwait on April 10. I am flying in via Amsterdam.

All the best,


Deb said...

Yay! A kitten! Rowan looks thrilled! Miss you,

JC said...

Yes, toilet training as in "the toilet..." We shall see....

Jeff, my company doesn't offer a 401k so I haven't had to make the decision. But even if the tax free advantage is lessened by working overseas, there is still the potential to make money on your 401k investment over time that would probably make it worth while.

JC said...

Oh, and hi Mayen and Deb!