Sunday, October 5, 2008

Djibouti Call

Edit: Here are some photos.

These are of my living quarters in Djibouti, and the rest are from the day we spent in Addis Ababa on the way back to Kuwait.

Sorry for the bad pun...

I've been in Djibouti for the past week or so working on a project. Hopefully I'll be heading back home on the 15th if all goes well.

Camp Lemonier is interesting...more homey feeling than Arifjan. The weather is horrible though, very hot and humid all the time. Your clothes never feel dry, and crawling into bed each night under damp sheets is no fun. I'm living in a half of a connex which has been retrofitted into an apartment for 2 people. I say "apartment" but really it's just 2 beds, a locker, a small desk area, and some hooks on the wall. Shared bathrooms of course that are always soaked.

On the positive side...the food here is excellent, much much better than Arifjan. There are many Filipinos working in the food area, so when they make Adobo it's the real thing! And rice and egg for breakfast, woohoo!

Been working pretty much nonstop since I got here and today is the first day off I've had in a little over a week. 12 hour days. Should make some good money on the overtime. I'm about to head off base for the first time in a few minutes, so I can get some actual impressions of this place other than the base.

Well, that's it for now.

-edit: Unfortunately, no vehicle could be found, so I did not get to see off base...


LuAnne said...

I can't believe you're in Djibouti! How cool is that. I'm jealous. I hope you get to actually see it before you leave.

Peter said...

Hey Jesse. I'm a HS classmate of yours. Great to here what you're up to, so very unique! Are you on Facebook?

JC said...

Hey Lu and Peter,

I did finally get to see outside on my final day...I'll write more in a post later about it.

Peter what's up? I knew several so I'll have to guess which one you happen to be... ;-)

Sorry, I don't do the facebook thing.

Peter said...

It's Peter Norton, I figured my email address would be visible to you. penorton at

JC said...

Oh hey Peter! Wow...I don't think we've connected since HS... Hope you are doing well!