Saturday, January 31, 2009

The ongoing saga to get good Internet

When last we saw our trusy adventurers, they had attempted to get a phone line about 8 months ago so they could get DSL and therefore some decent internet. Having been told it wasn't going to happen, they resigned themselves to paying 15KD for the not very good Zain cellular internet service. In the evenings, this service is practically unuseable, so they occasionally mooch off a neighbor's unsecured wireless access point.

As it was a new year, and recent changes to telephone numbers gave us some hope of change, they decided to try again for a phone line. After several tries, and a trip downtown, we were once again told that there was simply not enough "room" and we would need to put a work order in. Trouble is, there is a labor dispute and no knowing how long til it will be resolved. And it will cost 150KD. Not counting the actual phone line activation which is 65KD. Well, they put the application in, and then called the local WiMax provider and decided to plunk down the 600KD for WiMax. They were told it would be possible where they lived. Until the technician came out and tried to set it up, and they found out our building was too low.

Once again, they are back where they started, getting more and more desperate. Neighbor's doors might get knocked on and offered money to double their bandwidth in exchange for use. Emails have been sent to satellite internet providers...

What will happen next in the ongoing saga!


Neoark said...

Well, just get cellular the one for 30k.d, pretty faster than 15k.d

meanwhile, I'm interested in satellite internet providers, although google is having project in making to get internet worldwide through satellite, waiting for them

JC said...

We ended up going with Viva's deal that was on last week. 1 year commitment, 20KD a month, supposedly unlimited. Keeping Zain for casual use.

Robin John said...

can you suggest which is the best and cheapest DSL connection that i could get in Kuwait