Thursday, October 18, 2007

Almost done

I'm almost completely done with CRC. Thursday is make-up day for people who still have things to do. Luckily that isn't me. Yesterday we were up on the hill doing training in stuff like first aid (not CPR, we're talking battlefield first aid, i.e. stop bleeding, bandaging head and chest wounds, etc...) and other stuff we aren't really supposed to talk about. Formation was at 0630 and final formation was at 1800. Luckily I managed to get to the chow hall after final form. We had MREs again for lunch and I'm getting the hang of it. Beef with vegetables...mmmmm. It was a loooong day, but surprisingly I didn't get bored til near the end.

This morning at 2am I turned over and felt something on my face. I brushed it off with a hand and then realized I shouldn't need to brush something off my face as I do not have long hair. I leapt out of bed and inspected my sheets for critters. Some of the spiders here are pretty poisonous and we've been warned about them. I never found anything, but due to the adrenaline and increased paranoia, sleep was impossible. So I showered and went to the day room where I whiled away the hours til chow hall opened at 0500. Caught the tail end of Young Frankenstein and American Guerilla in the Philippines. Fun fun.

Formation was at 0900 for the PPD (TB test) check, which was the last thing on my list of possible things that could hold me back (aside from last minute decisions of course). So I should be good to go.

We have an ITT specific formation at 1100 which I don't know anything about yet. Just trying to kill some time between now and then.

I hear rumours about how things are going to go down next, but the gist of it is that tomorrow we'll need to bring our bags out to be weighed and inspected. Then they'll be loaded up and taken to the airport (on base) while we are transported separately. When we get their they'll be re-weighed and inspected. Then we get to wait til the undetermined time at which our flight takes off. I've heard times have ranged from 9pm to 4am. They keep it random and unknown for security reasons.

That's the rest of today I'll probably be working on pictures while re-charging my shuffle and then re-packing.


Damon said...

was it the battlefield PHTLS course that you went through? i just finish my PHTLS course, very interesting stuff. when i was purchasing my PHTLS book i saw that they had a program for solders that the military teaches. well have fun! hope you never are in a situation where you need that training:)

JC said...

Don't know if it's the same one, but yeah, I really hope I never have to use any of it.