Friday, October 19, 2007

Freedom Flight Ho

The 1100 ITT formation was a bit of a surprise.  Apparently, we require sleeping bags, which were not given to us at CIF as they were supposed to.  When we come into Kuwait, everyone will be sent to a particular base (let's leave details out in case they might get me into trouble) where we will be processed.  For those of us staying in Kuwait, that means at least 24 hours.  The others will be 4-5 days before they get sent out to their final destinations.  This means spending the night, apparently in tents, with cots.  Thus the sleeping bags.  Anyway, we were told to meet back up at 1200 something and we got on a bus to go back to CIF and get sleeping bags.  This took about 2 1/2 hours for maybe 20 people.  Military efficiency at its finest.
Back at CRC we checked and final formation at 1800 had not changed, so I headed to my room to repack and do some laundry in preparation for tomorrow.  I got out some of my issued gear and assembled some of it, the easy stuff.  The gas mask will have to wait til I have time to read the 1 inch thick manual I'm afraid.  About 5 I headed over for some chow, and there was told by some other ITT folk that they heard formation had been changed to 1730.  I didn't know, but finished quickly and headed back...sure enough!  Ya gotta be constantly checking that board cuz they can change it at any time.
Luckily I was there to get briefed on what happens tomorrow with baggage and such.  The gist of it is, we are signing out tomorrow, bringing our baggage out for transport and getting on some buses!  Woot!  Good thing I didn't get much sleep this morning, otherwise I might have trouble getting to sleep in anticipation.
Oh, I heard some people are wondering what a "formation" is.  It's just military jargon for a meeting or gathering of people at one place and time.  They have their own language for everything.  I.e. it's not called the "flight" it's called a "freedom flight".  Why?  I don't know...
I think that's about it.  I may not have time to hit the kiosks tomorrow, so you may not hear from me for several days until I re-establish internet access.

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