Monday, October 8, 2007

First Foray

EDIT: I finally got a USB cable! Here are some pictures from the first foray:

I am back from my first foray into the wilds of Columbus, and I have learned the following things:

1) You can't buy beer in grocery stores on Sunday in Georgia (but you can in Alabama which is apparently just across "the river").
2) There is an exceptional amount of broken glass everywhere, presumably from beer bottles which perhaps explains the silly Sunday rule.
3) Never leave without sunglasses.

I ate at a nearby Chinese restaurant manned by actual Chinese people! They were somewhat taken aback when I asked for something not on the menu (chicken w/ green beans in black bean sauce) and had to ask me afterwards where I was from as apparently the locals are pretty satisfied with the 10 different types of pork and chicken wings. They were really nice people and it was fun talking with them. I learned that the cantonese phrase for "thank you" is different from what I guess is the mandarin way of saying it that I'm used to. Pity my memory is so bad that I've already forgotten it. It began with a "d"...

Well I've thoroughly unpacked, set up my Wii using the rooms television (after disconnecting the cable to discourage casual TV watching). Started playing Metroid Prime which I bought before leaving to have something to play in Kuwait. Actually I want to finish the previous games in the series which are for Gamecube, but I need to buy some AA batteries for the controllers.

It is interesting in that there seem to be a large number of arabic speakers who choose to congregate right outside my room. This is an "open air" hotel, where the halls are all exposed to the elements, which I can only assume must be on the whole less damp then what I'm used to being from Portland. It's kind of funny and maybe if I try reeeeeaaaal hard I can imagine I'm in Kuwait. ;-)

Tomorrow at 2:30pm the hotel is arranging a couple of trips to Walmart (!) and I think I will go along, if for nothing else to find that darn USB cable and other items on my growing shopping list.


deannie said...

You know, even in certain rural parts of Virginia you still can't purchase alcohol on know, where I used to live!

And yeah, you will find that Wal-mart in small southern towns is where it is at!

Brian said...

....hey least there is Taco Bell.

Andy said...

Heya JC. Just checking in, hope everything is well.

Finally figured out how to add your blog to my Outlook RSS feed reader, so I'll be reading stuff as you post it now :)

FYI, for others reading this, if you want to subscribe to this via rss you need to point your reader to

JC said...

Heh, or you could use a *real* RSS reader like the one included in Opera... ;-)