Sunday, October 7, 2007

Columbus here I come!

As I have said in the past, I am a pessimist, which is pretty much a defense mechanism against the inevitability of everything going wrong.

At the 12:45 formation, after waiting around for a while, our ITT rep called us over out of the crowd. The sound wasn't so good, so I didn't catch all of the names he read at first, but I did catch the last part: "There is not enough room on this deployment and you will not be going this week. You will be put up at a hotel for a week and will re-enter CRC with next weeks batch." He was asked to re-read the names and sure enough, right at the top of the list: Cadd.

So...bummer. But...I get put up at a hotel in Columbus for a week, which is considerably better than being cooped up at the CRC barracks for the same period. And much as others have been complaining that there is nothing in Columbus, I prefer to hold out hope that where ever there are people, there are things to do, find, explore, etc...

Not to mention real internet access at last! Now I can talk via skype (I'll leave it logged on whenever I'm in the room) if anyone wants to hop on for a chat.

Hopefully I can find that USB cable somewhere around town and upload some pictures of the experience so far.

Our ITT reps tell us that they are going to do their darndest to get us 7 people at the front of the line for next week so that this doesn't happen again(!).

The good news is I am getting payed at my base rate, which isn't much but hey, getting paid for waiting around isn't bad. Good thing we are finished with our apartment rent.

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