Sunday, October 7, 2007

Worse than what?

What's worse than having to wait for hours at a time on a compound where there's not much to do?  Having to wait for hours at a time while confined to a single location.
I was up at 0500 to be ready for the 0700 "formation" for civilians.  This entailed a ton of us milling about under a pavillion while periodically names and numbers were shouted out for people to line up and go off somewhere.  This proceeded for 3 hours.  Finally, someone called for all of the ITT folks to line up all at once and we filed down to an office where we were checked for appropriate size for body armour.  That was it.  Next formation:  1245.
Things I learned:
1)  Bleachers suck
2)  Standing sucks
3)  Squatting sucks
4)  Finding a chair rocks
Gonna while the time away now til the mess hall opens for lunch, in fact I may just get in line least I'll be in the shade.

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