Sunday, October 7, 2007

Heading to bed

Well I'm heading to bed.  I went to bed far too early last night (7pm) and had the devil of a time getting to sleep.  Didn't help that my room mate (only one, I'm spared 3 atm) came in pretty late.  Then after he fell asleep I heard the most awful noise...almost like someone was running their fingers down a comb, only way louder.  It was totally random.  Finally I had to find out what it was, turns out it was coming from my room mate.  So I lay back down for a while til I was sure it wasn't going away.  Finally I had to wake him up...turns out it was his teeth grinding!  He popped in a mouth guard and I never heard it again.
Anyway I've spent the time occupying my self by going through scanned pictures and cutting them up.  Unfortunately Picasa won't do it elegantly, but I was able to use one of these internet kiosks to download a better picture editor (IrfanView) to my thumb drive and transfer it over.  There is zero internet access here except through these kiosks that we have to sign in and out to use.  I got about 50 of the scans cut up!  Only 300 to go!   At least I'll have something to do...
Well, it's up at 6am tomorrow and I may get up a little earlier so I can get some breakfast.  Apparently there is little regard for mealtimes, and I was warned by someone else to be sure and pack some food w/ me.  So I picked up a bar and two packets of nuts to get me through the day.  Still, better start with a big breakfast.
In a way I'm glad it's so bizarre, it keeps me somewhat interested in the whole process in the midst of the boredom.  Tomorrow should prove to be more interesting.

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