Saturday, October 6, 2007

More paperwork!

Silly me...what should I have expected but more paperwork! We met up at 11:00 and walked over to a big tent. We are only one of several groups being deployed out all over the world. Our ITT reps passed out a folder with lots of papers, about half of which we were then walked through filling out. We were in an airconditioned (thank goodness, it's not too hot, but pretty humid here) classroom in a subdivided section of the big tent.

Got my orders which allows me to eat for free at the mess hall thank goodness. Then with just about 30 minutes left we hit the mess hall for lunch. After which we headed over to another building for "computer assisted training" which basically consisted of a bunch of powerpoints that we had to click through and then initial a tracking sheet. That's it for today! Other than the other half of the paper work in our yellow folders which we are encouraged to get started on...but I want to have something to do later so I may take a break.

Things will get more interesting tomorrow as we are to meet at 0700 for the real kickoff. The end of the week is a bit fuzzy, but we were told that we won't know until at least 48 hours before we leave that we are going. In between are more medical checks, equipment being issued (I get a kevlar vest, gas mask, and uh...other stuff!), and goodness knows what. I'll try to keep things apprised. I have yet to be told I'm not allowed to talk about this stuff, but I'll try to be discrete and not talk about anything that might get me into trouble.

There really isn't much to do around here, so I'll be falling back on my book and games and stuff. Maybe I'll break out the laptop and start working on fixing up the bazillions of photos we scanned in just before leaving.

That's it for today!

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