Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fort Benning

EDIT: I finally got a USB cable! Here are the photos from Ft. Benning:
EDIT AGAIN: I overheard a soldier today telling people talking pictures was prohibited. In case that could cause a problem I've removed the slide show, sorry!

Well I made it, at least to Fort Benning. The flight was uneventful, I found my luggage and the ground transport company with no problem. We drove about 1 1/2 hours to Columbus and then another 20 minutes to Fort Benning.

I am now checked into an official barracks (everything you've ever dreamed) after the usual delays and uncertainties. At this time, my name does not appear on the "master list" and I do not yet have "orders". However I am checked in and have been issued linen (which I don't plan on using as I brought my own). We meet at 11:00 (or is it 9:00? depends who you ask, better be at both to be safe) to receive more information (and hopefully orders).

Being the pessimist that I am, I'm still have expecting to be sent home, and there are rumours that if your name isn't on the master list, that's exactly what happens. But no one knows anything really.

On the ride over here I met a young woman who is heading off with ITT for the first time too. However, she's been in the military previously and has extensive experience in Kuwait and Iraq. She'll be heading to Iraq. She told me some interesting things about what it's like to work there, at least for her, and her experiences with friends who worked for ITT. She seemed to like the situation enough to be heading back herself so...

Had to pay for dinner (and most likely breakfast) as I don't have orders yet. Not expensive, just under $4, but I am now out of cash (small change) and hope to not have to spend anymore.

Of course, I forgot my slippers (flipflops) which the communal shower pretty much requires. Luckily there is a small store here that stocks such necessities (and bandaids). Oh, speaking of which, I managed to grate my thumb on the cheesgrater last night. Stuff like that always seems to happen right when the use of an opposable digit would be most helpful. It seems to be healing up nicely though.

Despite initially being denied access to blogspot, I appear to have found a way around the military's internet filters, at least enough to write this post. I must figure out how to post using email, just in case. There is no wireless nearby, only at the Subway's on the main base. Yeah, CRC is not on the "main" base, but far, far away...only way to the main base is to be taken in one of the vans. Luckily, there is a rec building with Internet kiosks which is what I am using now.

I'm trying to think of this as something of a "retreat" as it appears there will be lots of time. Trying not to read my book too much...I started it on the plane: The Science of God by Alistair McGrath. It's quite good, a summary of his mammoth 3 volume work which I may or may not get around to someday. I realized the other day that I really need to nail down my own thoughts on science/theology prior to getting too deep into Rowan's scientific education. I used to be a hardcore creationist, but in recent years have considered it to be less essential then I once thought. It is, however, a huge issue in education and I want to know what I believe for sure prior to getting into those discussions with Rowan. It's a few years off, but hey, these things take time to think through.

Other airplane amusements: playing the new Legend of Zelda for the DS (fabulous game), listening to music/reading, and the surprise: listening to the entire soundtrack to Spamalot for the first time on Delta's inflight video/media entertainment thingie. First rate, all of it, I highly recommend it for a 4 hour trip, hardly noticed the time.

The food here is pretty bland, but passable. Can't say I'd find much better off base. I had chicken, rice, peas, a salad and hotsauce smothering everything to give it some flavor. Good thing it isn't fabulous, or I might be tempted to overeat.

Well, it's 6:48 here (3:48 in Portland) and I can't think of much else to write. I'll walk around and take some pictures which I'll upload later once I solve my cable crisis.


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