Monday, December 17, 2007

Family Visa Application...check!

This morning I went over to Ahmadi and the Immigration Department there to apply for a family visa for Kerri and Rowan. The paperwork I needed from my sponsor here (KRH) finally came in the day before, but too late for me to get it done.

I arrived about an hour earlier than it opened (7:30) and found someone inside to pester. They told me to sit down and wait. So I did.

About an hour later the guy had a look at my papers and directed me to a building outside where I had to pay 500fils each for them to type up an application in arabic and print it out. They sent me to the next building, who sent me to the first building upstairs, who then sent me downstairs and down the hall to the right past all sorts of bewildering arabic signs to the office at the end of the hall, where I found the family visa (dependant) department.

The lady there looked my papers over and sent me back to the typist building to get more copies of my work contract and civil ID (need 2 sets one for each application). Then she told me the papers should be ready for me to pick up around the 24th or 25th. I asked about getting it done sooner and she said it was really not likely because of the holiday (this was the *last* day to do this before it starts). I asked about the "expediting" process and she said something about how when I pick it up, I need to get something and take that to a cashier, who gives me something else, which I have to take to the ministry of foreign affairs, and have them fax the information to the Kuwaiti embassy in the US. I'll be asking again about it when I go pick the papers up on the 25th (which happens to be my weekend thank goodness, oh...and Christmas now that I think of it). Everyone seems to look a bit doubtful when I tell them Kerri and Rowan are coming on the 11th, but hopefully all will work out.

Headed back to work after this (they were nice enough to let me take care of all this on company time) and finally solved a very irritating problem with windows installing on some poweredge 2950 servers we had. Turns out the problem (for those who care) was that the DRAC cards in them had enable the "virtual media" setting which was confusing windows when trying to install. I'd been working on this issue for 4 days now, so was pleased to have it resolved.

Later this evening I took another guy here to the airport for his 2 week vacation, so now I know where that is. It's waaaaay past my bedtime (10:20pm) and I need to go to sleep now.


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