Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two birds

Everything went swimmingly today. Headed up to the US Embassy this morning, located it with not much trouble given a friend's directions, went in and waited til 9am when the consulate services opened. They authenticated both documents for 9KD each and sent me on my way.

I gave a call to my friend and asked what to do next and he directed me to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, which took some finding, but once there I went in and asked them for the "stamps" I needed. They told me I was at the wrong place and sent me to the Kuwaiti Consulate which wasn't too far, and it was there that I was able (with much asking about) to figure out that I needed to purchase 2 5KD stamps from the vending machines, then affix them to the back of the Embassy's authentication page, and hand the lot over to someone behind a counter, along with the tracking number I'd received when I walked in. There was about a 10 minute wait, then my number was displayed above a window, and I picked up the further stamped stamps and documents.

Next, I'll need to go to the Immigration office, which is handily in Ahmadi, very close to Fahaheel. Unfortunately, I need more papers that I don't have yet, such as salary certificate from my company and work permit. Also I need passport copies for Kerri and Rowan. All this needs to happen before Wednesday of next week which is the beginning of an islamic holiday called Eid. It's a week long.

Hopefully I'll be able to run up to Ahmadi during the week though, as it appears my superiors are flexible when it comes to dealing with all this legal stuff. They also are not opposed at all to employees bringing family over, as it generally means they are here for at least 2 - 3 years.

Having done all I can for the day, I plan to veg and rest, mostly trying to finish Ocarina of Time. I just finished my lunch, some arabic pizza, sitting out on the porch, which was lovely. Wish it was warm enough to swim (it isn't).


deannie said...

It isn't warm enough to swim? A consultant I support in Oman was just telling me the temp was in the mid 80's there. I guess it is just south enough to be warmer.

JC said...

I don't know what the temperature is, but it's downright chilly. Even on sunny days the wind blows and it's coat weather in the shade. In the morning a coat is mandatory.