Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To the Embassy!

I received the authenticated documents (marriage and birth certificate) from Kerri and Rowan a few days back. I found a translator relatively close by and provided him with the documents to translate a couple of days ago and picked them up this evening. He charged me only 20KD, which is a deal as most places would have charged me about 24KD. And he was able to do it faster...this guy is getting my recommendation for sure.

Tomorrow is the second day of my weekend, so I'll be heading up to the US Embassy to get their authentication done, and then I have to figure out what exactly to do next...

Took the car into the car repair main area in Kuwait today to have it checked out. They plugged a computer into it and apparently it needs the camshaft replaced (ugh). They said it can wait a month but not to wait much longer. Fun fun...oh well.

Otherwise nothing of interest has been going on...my cot is comfy enough...and the only other priority is finding out how to get my laundry done without spending an arm and a leg. May have to buy a washer/dryer sooner than expected.

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