Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yet more pictures

On my way out this afternoon I took a bunch of pictures of the Warba compound to satisfy any curiousity.

Decided to go on a walkabout my new neighborhood this afternoon. The name of this area is Manqaf (or Mangaf) but I'm really in the southeast corner barely over the road that serves as the border between Fahaheel to the south and Manqaf to the north. I actually walked well past this point on the coast on my first trek, so its really not far at all from Fahaheel. However it feels like a totally different place. The vibe is completely different. Where Fahaheel is abuzz with people and shops and restaurants, this area is more residential, mostly mid to lower end housing. It's pretty filthy, lots of empty sandlots (are there any other kind here?) and everything has the feeling of being half finished. Every now and then you'll run across a very nice building that clearly is intended for upper crust/westerners, covered parking, guards, mirrored windows etc... The other buildings look like normal apartments from a distance, but when you get close you see the state of the construction materials, the broken windows, dirty facades, etc... Luckily there a few restaurants to break the monotony, I came home with half a dozen menus and that doesn't include the places without. Not too many of what you would call "family" places. There is an internet cafe, but it's a bit of a trek.

Had lunch at a chinese break the pattern of Indian/pakistani/arabian food I usually have. Figured I should at least *try* something different. But it was unimpressive and I think I'm just as happy with whatever new form of lamb I can find and scoop into my mouth with freshly baked naan, chapati or roti is available. That or shawarma and hummous... I did find a thai/filipino place that I'll have to check out sometime.

Well, back to work tomorrow. Since my car isn't registered on base, I'll have to park outside and get a ride in with someone from my shop. Next step is to figure all that registration stuff out.


brianf said...

So, let me get this've gotten a new cool pad next to the ocean and with a pool. You have also "dumped" the Honda Odyssey mini-van for a pimp BMW wagon. There isn't any's also not cold, and Lamb and hummus also appear to be just laying about....

...oh yeah, and you're paying less in rent than you did in Portland. Did I miss anything so far?

JC said...

Yeah, not too bad is it?

Andy said...

Looks like you're getting settled very well and I'm sure it'll be even better when Kerri and Rowan join you.

I'm happy for you!

deannie said...

I think Brian forgot to mention the part about where you are working 12 hours shifts?

Mom said...

Since I finally got a job and an acceptance for finishing my B.A., I rewarded myself by taking some time to catch up with you. What a wonderfully busy and interesting son you are <: }

You can now find me at
www.nytngalesong.blogspot, too!

Hugs and kisses, and I hope you will not too be lonely for your family to have a very Blessed Christmas. Mom