Monday, January 28, 2008

No Photos, Again.

I am having a little trouble with putting photos on the blog. It has something to do with this little announcement:

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Three new languages and a whole new direction for Blogger
January 17, 2008 — permalink
We are excited to announce that Blogger is now available in three more languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian!

Now everything in Blogger shows up in Arabic for me. I can make a post because I know where to click, but photos are a whole different story. Now I know you are all thinking, "surely you can change the language settings" and I'm sure I can. I just haven't, so deal. I have, however, taken some pictures so I will put them up as soon as I figure it out.

Speaking of taking pictures, it's not a easy as you would think. People are funny about it and really don't like their pictures taken, even inadvertantly. Photography is discouraged inside most buildings which makes it difficult to take pictures of my favorite thing, funny signs. One of my current favorites is in IKEA. "Ladies toilet and prayer room".

In other news, Rowan has been sick all week so we have been staying home. He is on the mend now and we are both ready to get out of here. Today is Jesse's friday, so we will be going out tonight. We got a couch! A nice one that we love. I will post a picture. Our house is slowly coming together. This weekend it will be time to start searching for curtains and rugs. We are going to go to some of the markets or "souqs" to look for that kind of stuff. I also found out that we have a Sears! Apparantly you can get clothes at decent prices. I was beginning to think that I would have to order all our clothes from the States because the prices here (in the malls at least) are so outragous.

There is a family here in our complex that also homeschools. The guy works with Jesse and they have two kids, 5 and 7. Rowan gets along great with them and they seem to be really nice kids. The 7 year old is a boy! They had a little get together this week and invited all the people from the office that have kids. It was great to meet other people and we had a really nice time. It could become a regular thing, especially as the weather gets warmer and we can use the pools. We catch ourselves complaining about the cold weather, knowing full well that when it's hot, we will long for the days of winter.

That is pretty much everthing that has happened to us this week. If I keep writing, I'll have to go into my battle with the dust, and that just doesn't make for very good reading. I promise I'll work on the picture issue. If any of you (and you know who you are) already know what I should do to solve my language issues, you can feel free to post instructions in the comments.


Damon said...

i'm not sure if that was pointed at me or not, but i will give it a shot. i think all you have to do is select the English setting... right under your picture (it will probably be on your left side of the screen) where the Edit Profile (or view), My account, Language. their will be a drop down menu for the language setting. click on that and select English.... i think thats all you need to do. let me know if it works!

glad you guys are enjoying yourselves! Isaiah sure misses Rowan:)



Well.....Actually the Arabic script you are seeing when you try to upload a photo is actually Persian not Arabic...I can't get it either LOL

They think Arabic and Persian are the same :D

About the photo thing, yeah it's true....Some locations doesn't allow photography for many reasons....I know it because photography is my hobby.