Monday, February 4, 2008

The Cable Is Out

Just a quick note here to explain the lack of posts.  It seems as though we are having a little "undersea cable" trouble.  In case you haven't heard the news, two cables under the Mediteranian Sea were cut.  Apparently another one just off of Dubai in the Gulf was also cut a few days later.  This has meant either painfully slow internet or no internet at all.  They are esitmating Feb. 12th will be the day we get back to normal, but we'll see about that.  So if you don't hear from us and we don't respond to your emails, that is the reason.  I'll let you know when we are back to normal.


Anonymous said...


I really have enjoyed reading your blog. I will be in Kuwait in March. Presently, I am awaiting the blood test results to come back so the working visa can be applied for.

I will be working for a different company. I will have to stay in company provided housing for a short time until I can find an apartment.

I hope to be able to ask more about your experiences there when the cable is restored.


Paul said...


I linked to this by way of 'Vonns blog, glad to see you are doing so well. This has been a brutal winter for us, and with the house totally torn apart and living in the basement I am slowly turning into a fungus. No kitchen, little porto' potty and a space heater are all that separates us from the cave dwellers.

I'll try to monitor you more faithfully.


Mom said...

Milei and I are so very happy to be able to catch up with you this Sunday morning, tho so sorry to hear you guys haven't been feeling well. She was just able to get rid of fever & itchy hives by drinking a lot of distilled water last night. It is the BEST to get toxins out of the bod fast - joint pain, too. Also, never forget that daily barley grass keeps you 99.9 percent well. I haven't missed a day of work since I discovered it in 2000. I order the large bottle from cuz its cheapest, but you have to choke that one down. There are many other quite delicious brands. Then acidophilus cures any kind of tummy upset including heartburn - almost instantaneously. You can also put it directly on any bacterial sore throat and experience very quick healing. Iherb is the cheapest way to buy any natural cure.

It has been gorgeously sunny here in the Willamette Valley - almost Springlike! Your lifestyle there sounds wonderful, wonderful in so many ways. So glad for you. Please give Rown a big hug and kisses from G Shelley and Milei.

Love and misses.

Mom said...


Forgot to include that drinking distilled water every half hour brings high blood pressure to normal within about 24 hours. All of these claims have been proven and tested by various members of our extended family and friends over the years. Also, acidophilus will keep you free of pernicious bacteria and parasites if one capsule is taken daily. Should you become infested by eating or drinking something awful, just take the caps every 4 hours, and it should have exited your body within 2 to 3 days, or until you feel normal again.