Monday, February 11, 2008

Sick, sick and more sick

It started with Rowan a few weeks back. The day he got his PPD test and another shot, he started coming down with something. Fevers, chills, sleeping all the time. It developed into a nasty cold/cough thing. Fevers went away and we thought we were in the clear...then it came back, went away, came back again.

Finally we took him to the doctor. That day I came home early cuz I wasn't feeling too well and I wanted to be there when we first went to the doctor (German Clinic, nearby us). It was an interesting experience...they don't take our insurance, so we had to pay up front and get reimbursed later (our insurance is pretty awesome about that). The doctor (a woman from Indian I think) managed to poke and prod Rowan a bit, though he was very much not being cooperative. He was very unhappy to be there and was quite worried he might get a shot or something (recent experiences), and in general is a miserable child when sick. Not pleasant to be around at all. She said it was probably just allergies to the dust. After she asked if he had drunk chocolate milk, cuz that sometimes caused allergic reactions in kids. Huh. Not exactly confidence inspiring. Anyway, she prescribed some antibiotics (for dust allergies?) and some expectorant, put him on a nebullizer for a bit, then sent us home.

I went to sleep upon going home and stayed that way the entire afternoon, then went to sleep again that night. Woke up feeling awful, but went to work anyway as I had something important to work on that day. Having completed that, I stayed home the next day (friday) and slept most of it. I had the fever/chills thing going on, coughing, etc... yeehaw.

Saturday I felt a bit better so went out with Kerri and Rowan to IKEA and to try and go grocery shopping. I barely survived that, walking around like a zombie all day. Oh, I forgot...Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night and had to throw up. Dry heaves. No idea why. I suspect the nighttime flu meds I took. Blech.

Sunday I said I wasn't going anywhere and stayed home with Rowan while Kerri got out and did some shopping. She'll have more to say about that I'm sure. Still felt pretty weird all day Sunday, could barely keep my eyes open til bedtime.

Rowan is doing better, no more fever/chills, but still coughing like crazy. My cough is much better, no more fever/chills, just bone weary and sleepy. Well that was yesterday (sunday), today is monday morning, 3:45am, and I'm off to work, so I'm going to say that I'm all better now as I have to be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie, Kari and Rowan, Saw the link to your blog from Yvonne's blog and thought I'd take a peak. Wow how things have changed!!!! How do I find your e-mail, to write to you proper?


deannie said...

Sorry you have been ill! Yeah, the shotgun approach to medicine is bound to produce something...

Here is what I have used as a gargle to help clear out phlegm: 1 c. warm water, 2 T vinegar and 1/2 t salt.

Fever and allergies? I am not familiar with that combo. Hope you all get to feeling better soon.

JC said...

Heya Sooz, you're best bet is to email Von and ask her what our email is. Although you could guess that it *might* bit our

We are all doing much much better now!

camilynn said...


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