Monday, April 28, 2008

Goodbye Zain!

The ongoing saga of our quest to find a good Internet provider in Kuwait has a new episode.

We have not had the greatest time with Zain. Reasons:

- 30gb limit (hit that in about 1 1/2 weeks)
- iffy connectivity (downgrades speed if not using connection actively, you have to reconnect to get fast speeds again)
- Blocks torrent ports (slows it down)
- Bad tech support (had 2 calls in to help with port issues...never got the promised call back)
- Dongle takes up 2 USB slots (minor, but irritating)

The monthly cost for all of this? 30KD. Not worth it in our books.

We've decided to pay the 15KD per month for the service provided by our apartments until we've saved up enough to get a real land line (telephone) so we can get DSL.

To cancel your Zain service you need to go to an official Zain office/outpost. These are not terribly common. And of course they close from 2pm to 4pm, so when I found out about this requirement and it was 12:30, I thought no problem, I should be able to locate the nearest one in time.... Couldn't find it. So I tried the next one. Was able to get a guy to drive there and follow him, but I arrived at 1:40pm...and *this* office closed at 1:30pm (contrary to what the pamphlet says).

So it was off to the airport office which is the only 24 hour Zain office. Finally got it cancelled (no termination fees luckily).

Now that I know better, I think I'd have preferred to save a lot of money and go with DSL from the beginning...but oh well. Live and learn.

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ananyah said...

I randomly came across your blog and I really like it :)

I'm assuming your on Zain's e-go? Are you with the Super Unlimited one? Seemingly if you download more than 30gb in a month, for the rest of the month the connection will be slow.

To get a phone line in your house is only a one off payment of 60kd (still a bit steep) but if you want an international call facility on it it will cost over 500kd (ouch!).

Good thing is, local calls are free so you and ur family could chat all day long on the phone lol