Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Great Headline

I was doing my usual morning perusal of the Arab Times and came upon this headline. It was just too good and I had to share.

"3 camels die, 3 men hurt; Crossdressers arrested

Kuwait : A truck transporting camels overturned on the Seventh Ring Road, killing three camels and injuring three Asian men, reports Al-Anba daily. Traffic was blocked for three hours on the road.

Crossdressers arrested: Securitymen arrested three cross-dressers in a café in Salmiya and referred them to authorities, reports Arrouiah daily. "

Apparently the crossdressing and the camels were two seperate incindents but, my oh my, I got a good laugh out of that one. If anyone is worried that we are living in a dangerous place, take a look at the Arab Times Crime News sometime.


Walt Everly said...

The crossdressers were involved somehow, I just know it!

Anonymous said...


Remember me? I finally obtained a Zain internet wireless connection at 15 KD a month.

I am living in company housing until 1 August.

Can you recommend any good apartments that are 1 bedroom or studio and furnished for not more than 300 KD month-to-month?

I am living in a community called
Manboulah right now. Do you know of it?



Kerri said...

Hi Jeff,
We are actually just down the road from you. Is there a reason you can't stay in the place you are at? We should try to meet up sometime soon. What is your schedule like?

Anonymous said...

Hi JC and Kerri,

The housing I am in is only leased until August 1 by the company I work for. Then I have to find an apartment to begin collecting the housing allowance. I don't have my Civil ID yet. I am hitching rides with co-workers at the moment. I live within walking distance of the McDonalds. Are there any studio or 1 bedroom furnished apartments near you? Or do you know of anyone who would want a room mate or border starting Aug 1 to next May 1?

I work days, Sunday thru Thursday.


JC said...

Jeff, maybe we can hook up next Saturday. If you have an email account on base by now, you should be able to look me up (Cadd, Jesse).

Paul Merrill said...

Hilarious headline!!

And the Zain post reminded me of the joys of living overseas.

Anonymous said...

Hi JC and Kerri,

I am at a different site with no access to your e-mail directory.

My e-mail is:

willretiresooner at yahoo

Will be nice to hear from you.



Paul said...

J and K:

I just got caught up on reading your tomes, from corn up through crossdressers. I was reading the blogs to Larysa and mentioned the Ruby Tuesday (in the picture), Ace Hardware, Burger King... and IKEA! Must be tough. Believe me, Kharkov had a McDonald's and that was 100% of back-home. Comcast called me on the carpet last month for going over 800Gb; told me it wasn't "normal". When I asked what normal was they became flustered and stammered that 800Gb just wasn't "normal", so knock it off.

Hope you guys are keeping tabs of the "differences" so we can reminisce someday in the not-too-distant future.

On a bad note, the county and city shut my rentals and business down over the last few months, so I'm looking at changing vocations and going into property management (or a flavor of it) with a friend in Mac. It's a long, expensive and stupid story - I may become an anarchist if they grant me a permit...

Randy said...
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