Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Lazy Days of Summer

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.  So I guess we took a nice long break from blogging.  Sorry about that.  I get in this cycle of taking pictures, forgetting to transfer them to the computer, thinking about blogging but realizing that I have no pictures to post, bagging the whole idea and doing something else.  So here is a post sans pics, but at least it's a post.

The most interesting thing we have been doing lately is snorkeling.  I must tell about this great gear we found.  Snorkel Bob's is a shop in Hawaii that sells everything you can imagine for snorkeling and it's gear they have made specifically for them.  We ordered gear for the whole family.  The major thing that attracted us to Snorkel Bob is the program they have for kids.  When a kid grows out of one size, you send it back (if it's in decent shape) and you can get the next size for 50% off.  You can do this as many times as you need to as the kids grow up.  The gear is top quality, the customer service exellent, and the humor irreverent.  My kind of place.  So now we are snorkeling right outside our door.  We have seen zillions of fish of all different kinds, cuttlefish (which are like squid), crabs, and even a stingray!  We did just get a waterproof camera case so I hope to get out there this weekend and take some shots.  

It's hot in Kuwait now.  I think today is suppose to be our first 120F day.  The funny thing is we still spend hours outside every day, we just do it later in the evening and we move from one body of water to the next.  It feels a lot like being in a dry sauna, but it does cool down at night and the evenings can still be quite nice.  Apparently July will be a lot like it is now, hot and dry, but August is suppose to be terrible because the humidity moves in.  

Most people (especially moms and kids) are gone for the summer.  There are only a few kids left around here and even fewer moms who don't work.  As a result, I am official compound dog walker.  I am so grateful that we don't have a dog of our own to have to worry about when we travel.  I think that next summer, we will pass the leash (and poop sacks) on to someone else.  

That's pretty much all that is going on around here.  Day after day, we lounge by the pool, snorkel in the sea, walk dogs, while the maid cleans our house and prepares our dinner.  It's really not a bad life . . .


Miriam said...

Wanna trade? :)

Vani said...

I enjoyed reading your blog very much. I am visiting my parents who work here. Otherwise I live in DC, US.
I wanted to go snorkelling here and was wondering if you could tell me where the good spots are? Do you know of a company or business which offers snorkelling? (I don't have my snorkelling gear here with me, so I would have to go through an operator) I know the Hilton at Fahaheel does, but have you tried them out? I live in Abu Halida.

Also, could you tell a great place for shwarmas?

I would really appreciate your opinion on this. I am glad that you are enjoying the Middle East.There is a lot of excitement and fun here if you are willing to go off the beaten path, as you have already discovered.
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