Friday, July 4, 2008

Hello again Zain!

Well, we are back with Zain as our internet provider. We tried so hard to get a land line so we could get DSL, but to cut a long, long, long story short, it's just not going to happen.

We decided to give Zain another try, this time paying for the 15KD plan which is just like the 30KD plan, just slower maximum speeds. Since we never got the purported max speeds of the 30KD plan anyway, we figured this was a good deal. We're just going to have to forego the torrents for a while.

In other news, we are playing World of Warcraft again, which offsets the lack of TV some what!

Speaking of TV, we just finished season 2 of the Tudors, which was quite a fun, if lascivious, romp through Henry VIII's first 2 wives. The sex is unbelievably gratuitous, so if you can't stomach that, stay away. And there are some liberties taken with historical accuracy for the sake of drama, but otherwise it's quit addictive even though you know what happens in the end. At least you will after you've gone and read more about it which was precisely what I did when we started watching it. It's also a fascinating look at the English reformation, something that one wouldn't have thought would be so relevant, except for the troubles that our Anglican brethren are undergoing at the moment.

I've been working nights for the last couple of months, which has been a mixed bag, with the positives mostly outweighing the negatives. It's good to miss out on the heat of the days, and I enjoy the pattern of waking up at 2pm, hanging out with Kerri and Rowan til around 3pm, then getting ready for work, working 5pm to 5am, coming home around 6am, maybe checking auctions, then going to bed about 6:30am. Kerri has some issues with the looooong evenings sometimes, but overall seems to like it too.

Things may be changing however, as it looks like I'll be getting a position at a different area, but still in the camp. Basically I'll be doing the same kinds of things, just at a higher level in the network (Theater-wide vs. camp-wide). That means I'll be getting to help out with all the up and coming deployments such as Exchange 2007 and all that. Should be a good time. But the best part is 48 hour weeks instead of 60 hours, 12 hours a day, so that gives me 3 day weekends! Needless to say, we are quite excited at the prospect. It's not all wrapped up yet, but seems like a pretty sure thing.

Well, that pretty much brings me up to date.


Dustin said...

So... The Venture Co. has pulled you in once again.... Muwahahahahaha! How you doin Jesse? :)

Yacine said...

I've been following your progress since last year!! I'm desperately trying to get a job in Kuwait myself and move my family in 3 months like you did!
I actually applied to the Quality Analyst position at ITT 3 times but nobody has responded! It would be great to know how to just get my foot in the door! Thanks Yacine