Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to cancel Kuwaiti Family Visa/Residency

I discovered recently that before I can be out processed from Kuwait, I must first cancel Kerri and Rowan's dependent (family) visas. As we are not certain of when this might occur, we figured we had better get it done. This was the process:

Went down to the local immigration department (in our case Ahmadi) and to the copy/application area. Paid a few KD to get copies made and the applications filled out in Arabic. Then to the reception area and we were told to go into the office in the back where a gentleman asked us how long until they left. I asked for 60 days and he gave it to us. A few circles and stamps and then proceeded into the labyrinth of the Immigration office and located the civil ID cancellation office. Here the civil IDs were taken and not given back. Then it was upstairs to the visa area where we waited for quite some time before our number was called. 2 x 2 KD stamps needed to be purchased from a machine (bring lots of 1 KD notes!) one for each passport. These were given to the lady behind the counter along with passports, then I signed two forms and dated them.

Voila, residencies cancelled. It took a couple of hours.


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Hi, can u pls help me in clearing one doubt regarding cancellation of dependents residence permit. If dependent(wife) is unable to travel and want to get her residence permit cancelled, is it possible?
Also, if residence permit gets automatically cancelled(beyond 6 month), will there be any problem for the resident foreigner(husband) in cancelling his residence permit and work permit at a latter stage???