Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We are moving to Mannheim, Germany!

...in 3 weeks!

We accepted a position at the Europe TNOSC doing the same thing we are doing here!

The gig will be for 2 or 3 years, depending on how long til they shut down the base (eek!).

Still, we are really looking forward to it and hoping it will be an enjoyable time in Europe.

For friends and family reading (all 2 of you), we are hoping to be back in the US for the first two weeks of December (Kerri will be coming back sooner and returning with me).

I'll write up a more detailed post about the process of leaving Kuwait as a contractor later.



LuAnne said...

wow wow wow! Totally cool. Not bad to spend 3 years in Kuwait and then move to Europe. Can I come visit? Any jobs there for me? I'm desperately seeking employment.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse! I figured a new offer was in the very near future when you were looking for a new apartment and then weren't in the same day. Their gain is our great loss.

Best of wishes to you and your family on your new assignment and adventure!


Damon said...

Very cool! congrats on the move Jesse!