Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last day at work

Since this is my last day at work and we'll be canceling our Internet service tonight, I figured I'd better make that "longer" post I spoke of earlier.

So...leaving Kuwait...the final chapter.

It's been 3 years, almost to they day, since I arrived here. It's been quite the adventure! I recommend the experience to anyone. Kuwait is a great place to live in the middle east, and it's centrally located for lots of additional travel opportunities.

Once I began my interview in earnest with my new employer (Northrup Grumman), I notified my superiors that I might be leaving soon. I began to arrange everything to ensure that departure could occur speedily once I had the final details in place. First, we needed to cancel Kerri and Rowan's dependent visas as ITT/KRH couldn't cancel mine until that was done. As posted earlier, this was pretty easy.

Next, we began to check into closing down local accounts. Our bank account would be simple, just have them transfer the money to our US account (bring blank check to help out) and then they close it right down. We changed our post-paid cell phone plan to pre-paid (cost less then canceling the post-paid account and we can leave anytime). Our internet needs to be cancelled at the last minute.

We also sorted through our stuff and decided what we were taking and what we weren't. We decided we wouldn't take advantage of the relocation service from my new company and opted to ship base-to-base (MPS) which is free for us. We bought 6 or so "tough" boxes from the PX at $25 a pop and packed them up to 65lbs. I brought one in each day for the last week and mailed them on base. Keep in mind all mail must be inspected at the mail room before it is shipped, so you can't fully pack it up. Batteries are not allowed, along with unfinished wood and miscellaneous weapons/ammo. They have a list of the stuff you can't ship. The rest of our items have been slowly sold off to friends and last night we pulled the plug on our main computer system (last to go!).

Meanwhile at work, once I officially resigned and gave notice I was given a de-mob packet which has all of the stuff I'm supposed to do before I leave. It's a checklist and pretty easy to follow. Of course my passport and civil ID were taken and I got the passport back in about 1 1/2 weeks.

I'll be heading to Ali Al Salem (yuck) one last time (yay!) on Thursday where my passport will be stamped out for the last time. We hopefully fly out sometime Saturday and will be back at Ft Benning for CRC again. This time it should only take about 1 1/2 days to turn in my gear and sign out.

Then I will hopefully make my way to Atlanta GA and fly out to Frankfurt. We'll be put up at a hotel with a rental car while we search for a place to stay (up to our total relocation package). Kerri and Rowan will be joining me a day or so after I arrive, flying direct from Kuwait.

Well, that's pretty much it...I've mailed the last package, officially turned in my base access badge so when I leave I can't come back.

This marks the end of this blog, as our time in Kuwait is over. We will miss it, but are glad to be moving on.


Ken said...

Looking forward to a Frankfurt FTW!

Best of wishes to you on your new job and to your whole family on the new adventure.

ridwan said...

Amazing timing! I JUST came across your blog while trying to figure out how to renew registration on my vehicle, and upon reading a post of yours from 2007, I thought "ah, I shall bookmark this and read some more! Let me see his latest post." And sure enough, it's about you leaving, posted about a week ago! So there it is, just missed you , haha!
Thanks for the info in here,