Saturday, January 5, 2008

Have Visa, Will Travel

I can't even believe it myself, but we are actually going to leave for Kuwait on Jan. 10th as scheduled. On Thursday morning I started getting calls from various agencies that had things I needed. Everything was done! I gathered it all and got ready to send it overnight to the Kuwait Consulate. I called before I sent it to ask if they really could get it done fast enough, or if I should change my ticket.

A brief word about the Consulate of Kuwait in LA. I have never before met more helpful and courteous government officials in all of my life. The first time I called I had expected to be given the run around with the automated answering system and then put on hold forever. Instead, a real person answered the phone and directed me to the appropriate person. Within two sentences, this guy knew who I was (he had the faxes Jesse sent) and what I needed. He gave me his name and told me to contact him anytime I had questions. I did need to call him a few more times and he always knew who I was when I gave my name. He went above and beyond to help me. I do have an idea that the LA branch of the Consulate of Kuwait is not a terribly busy place. Not high tourist season or something . . .

Back to the story. The guy says that if I sent the stuff overnight and he got it all on Friday, he would turn it around and send it back the SAME DAY and I would get it Saturday. Well, it's Saturday and I'm going to Kuwait on Jan. 10th. He called me from the FedEx place to tell me he was sending it and wanted me to call him when it arrived. I'm sure I sound like a blubbering idiot on the phone, but how do you thank a guy enough for saving the day!

Now I guess I need to go pack or something!

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Josh & Audra Cadd said...

Yahoo! Congratulations! Happy traveling!